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CICS Transaction Server – Concepts & Facilities

  • מועד פתיחה: 14/7
  • מספר שעות: 2 ימי לימוד
  • קורס בוקר, שעות 9:00-16:00

CICS Transaction Server – Concepts & Facilities

This two-day course introduces and explains CICS Transaction Server (CICS/TS) to those who have limited or no knowledge of CICS but who need a clear understanding of what CICS is, what it does and how it does it. The course describes and explains the main concepts and facilities of CICS, and introduces the growing family of CICS server and client products that are available. This course is the essential first step for anyone wishing to work effectively in a CICS environment, and forms a solid foundation on which future CICS education can be based.

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

describe the basic concepts, facilities and terminology of CICS

describe the CICS functions available for program development

explain the role of CICS in a distributed environment

identify the major management modules and tables

trace and describe the flow of a CICS transaction

identify the CICS facilities used for accessing data.

This course is appropriate for all applications programmers, operators, operations analysts, systems programmers, support personnel and managers who have little or no experience of CICS.

A sound basic knowledge of IT. Attendance on the course IBM Z Systems Environment – Introduced & Explained or equivalent experience is recommended.

  • describe the concepts and structure of the REXX language environment
  • write and debug REXX programs executing in the TSO environment
  • use the tracing and debugging aids effectively
  • use the loop control and decision making instructions
  • identify and put into practice the most commonly used REXX built in functions
  • parse data strings
  • use TSO commands and functions within REXX EXECS
  • manage I/O using data stacks and stems
  • use sub-routines and functions.

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